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Thatch Tile – Palm Leaf Artificial/ Synthetic. Direct replacement & DIY fitting, gazebo, tiki/ beach bar, cabana. 80 cm long

Easy to apply, versatile and hard wearing with 20 year guarantee! ... Read More

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Product Details

Easy to apply, versatile and hard wearing with 20 year guarantee!

A direct replacement for tiles on almost all garden gazebos.

For a very rough, shaggy, hard wearing, 'Asian' palm finish.

Very long life and washable surface.

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Ideal for DIY thatching garden structures, Tiki bars, beach huts, gazebos, summer houses, beach cabanas or your man cave. Also ideal for commercial applications like theme parks, poolside etc due to its long life and washable surface.

A flexible strip along the top is securely bonded to the cape reed tile allowing it to flex around corners and accommodate almost any roof shape.

Easy installation. Simply clip onto a 6 mm wire, rod or cord attached to the roof structure. Alternatively, screw directly through the top of the tile into your frame. Tiles can be easily cut to fit.

For weather proofing and lifespan your roof pitch should be at least 30 degrees pitch.

Apply in layers from the bottom of the roof in 30 cm (12") steps up.

This tile is designed for shade rather than being water repellent. If your thatch needs to be water tight you should board or line your roof structure.  

What you need:

Each layer going up the roof is made up of  Thatch Tiles until you reach the top layer. 

If your roof is square, or has very pronounced hips, you will need Corner Tiles these get you around a 90-degree corner. When calculating your needs, these take the place of 1/4 of a tile to both faces.

The peak or ridge of the thatch is the Top Cone. If your thatch has a long ridge you can use the Ridge Mouldings with 1/2 Top cones to finish the ends. 

Allow approx. 3.5 tiles per m square (10' square).

Not sure how many tiles you need? - Let us do the maths... Simply fill out the 'Get A Quote' form' below, for a no obligation quote. We will estimate the tiles required for your roof and tell you the cost differences for all our tile variations.

Palm Leaf Artificial/Synthetic Thatch Tile - Dimensions: 32" x 24 " x 1" (80 cm x 60 cm x 2.5 cm)

Palm Leaf Artificial/Synthetic Corner Tile - Dimensions: 32" x 24 " x 1" (80 cm x 60 cm x 2.5 cm)

Palm Leaf Artificial/Synthetic Top Cone - Dimensions: 33" (85 cm) diameter

Palm Leaf Artificial/Synthetic End Cap - 1/2 Top Cone - Dimensions: 33" (85 cm) diameter

Ridge END Molding 1.2 m - Dimensions: 47" x 8 " x 12" (120 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm) V shaped fiberglass molding for either end of straight ridges.

Ridge Center Molding 2 m - Dimensions: 79" x 8 " x 12" (200 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm) V shaped fiberglass molding for straight ridges.

If you order more tiles than you need, we will be happy to refund you for them upon return. Full details of this offer will be sent with your quote.

Delivery information for large or heavy items: When contacting us for delivery costs please include a full address and postcode so that we may accurately quote. Please also notify us at the time of any access issues relating to the delivery address including narrow lanes or low/weak bridges.

We aim to deliver promptly as long as the items are in stock. Items such as these often need to be delivered via pallet. Pallets are measured at 1.2m and products which are longer than this can result in additional cost. These items require a signature upon delivery and thus someone over the age of 18 must be available between 8.30am and 6.00pm on the day. We will advise you when this will be. Any deliveries returned to us due to customer error may be charged an additional delivery fee if deemed applicable. Please call for information & a quote.
Note - larger pallet deliveries will require lifting apparatus at the delivery address.

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How to fix thatch tiles

How to fix thatch tiles