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Environment, Sustainability & Packaging Information

As a company who specialises in natural materials, we are very aware of the environmental impact of our business regarding packaging. We are constantly looking to reduce any single-use plastics and try to minimise them where possible. Due to size of some of the products we sell and the UK haulage network rules, it is often necessary or insisted that certain materials are used to secure the loads for safety. We are however constantly looking at ways to minimise the impact our packaging has on the environment.

We do wherever possible deliver in recyclable cardboard and paper packaging or reuse packaging if appropriate. It is very important that our customers receive their products safely and thus a decision must be made on what is the best packing solution. Where requested, we can provide a minimal plastic use packaging service and urge all our customers to re-use their packaging or recycle where possible.

The Film and Television industry is a fast-paced environment with thousands of people involved with a single production, we build strong relationships with our clients so that we can encourage shared deliveries across a production, keeping the impact as minimal as possible on the world we live in.

When sourcing products and materials we only work with suppliers who source ethically and work closely with their local communities without damage or harm. Our wood and rustic products are sourced from reputable farmers and foresters who manage woodlands with the environment as their priority. Most woods cut is done so for forest management first and we then purchase this as a waste product. Most products considered crop are sourced from farmers and a suitable price is paid, no matter what country it is sourced from.

Our range of exotics are mostly waste products because of natural plant culture that are repurposed into beautiful things. When shipping these products to us our suppliers are always instructed to use every single bit of space available to maximise the space and minimise freight miles.

We spend considerable time sourcing our props for hire as either reused props from previous productions or repurposed home furniture giving it a second life, staring in a block buster movie. We think that's great for everyone especially your old chest of drawers. When we are creating props, our team love to repurpose and reuse items to make new magic.

We have a duty of care having signed the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Our team go to considerable lengths to ensure our waste is sorted correctly and wherever possible waste is processed for recycling. 

Our offices are based in the same location as our warehouse and recruitment is done on a local level so that team members have minimal miles to get to their place of work. Car sharing is actively encouraged and takes place regularly. The use of public transport is also encouraged.

We think we are doing more than our bit to help tidy up our planet for generations to come but we can always do more and encourage you to do the same. If you have any suggestions that you think we should know about, please get in touch and we can work together for everyone's benefit.