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Create a Props List

Create a props list for each set

Prop Lists make it really easy to save, compare and share Brandon Thatchers products. Pick your favourites, add them to a specific Prop List, and then print, share online or simply turn into an order when you're ready.

An iPhone displaying the login page for Brandon Thatchers
Step 1

Find a prop for your list, and click the heart

Follow the details on screen. You will only need your email address to start creating Prop Lists.

You can find your Prop Lists again in the future using your email.

Samsung Galaxy phone showing how to save products to a collection
Step 2

Click the heart icon to save products

Once you're logged in, just browse through our catalogue of products, and click the heart icon when you see one you'd like to save to your Prop List.

A phone showing how to add a product to a collection
Step 3

Create new Lists for each new set

When you click the heart icon, you can choose to save it to a current Prop List, or create a new one. You can also give your Prop Lists unique names so you know exactly what they're for.

A view of the printable favourites list
Step 4

Download, print or share your favourites list

You can share your Prop Lists by downloading, printing or emailing it. You can also come back to your Prop Lists to change and update them, and even turn them into an order for a quick and easy buying process.