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About us

Our History

Brandon Thatchers was created in Warwickshire, England, in the last years of the twentieth century. At the time many thatched cottages had fallen into disrepair and were condemned. Keeping the thatch watertight meant the difference between restoration and demolition.

Our break into the film industry came while we were heather thatching a museum piece in the small Scottish town of Kingussie. A mysterious observer intently watched us work each day, fiercly scribbling notes and taking pictures but never staying long enough for a chat when we came down from the ladder.

Finally, we cornered him in the café where he told us he was working for a big film production, 'Brave Heart', about to set up in Fort William. They aimed to build a huge medieval settlement full of thatched round houses, but had a problem - no thatchers! 'We had planned to copy your thatching, but it looks difficult and dangerous, so, do you fancy giving it a go?' he asked.        Our descent into the rabbit hole had begun.......

Through the next 3 months we thatched and dressed a fabulous fictional village on the slopes of Ben Nevis with a whole variety of natural materials and found/foraged plants. This was followed by 'standby' for a further 3 months- watching, and occasionally pitching in, as it all came to life on film.

Edge Hill
Edge Hill

The Hollywood Glamour

We were thoroughly enamoured with the Hollywood glamour- 18-hour days in the drizzle, up to our knees in mud, or eaten alive by midges. They did seem to be very pleased with our work. We stayed in touch and soon found ourselves on the Queens estate in Henley, thatching the set for 'Sleepy Hollows'. As we worked on more and more productions our other skills, like weaving and hazel work, found an outlet.

We became known for our country craftmanship and all things natural. As we already had suppliers of wonderful natural products, we took on a supply role too. We now import natural products from most countries around the globe, and harvest interesting crops in England, most of which you won't find elsewhere.

As time has passed, we have found ourselves involved in many exciting projects for events. We have played a major role in four Chelsea Flower show gardens, supplying and erecting a complete thatched wartime pub, African schoolhouse and Scottish blackhouse. The gardens, one for Prince Harry, have won medals including Gold, and accolades- 'Best in Show' & 'People's Choice'.

We have woven a hot air balloon to fly over the Olympic Park, suspended complete trees indoors and dressed sea's of flowers for iconic London venues. We have even installed a time worn thatched cottage on the seventh floor of a skyscraper in Singapore!

Cold and wet.JPG
Cold and wet.JPG

The Present

We are a creative, dynamic, hardworking family business. Always happy to help with ideas and advice, gleaned from years of experience. We know you are probably on a budget and a deadline so will do our best to help.

Based in the heart of England, we have a warehouse full of natural and unusual materials, available from stock. We have a web of long-standing suppliers across the world which we can draw on for larger orders. Our workshop crafts a wide variety of woven, thatch, coppiced and aged props. It is the base for our talented installation team. They spend their time cladding reality with a cloak of fiction, fashioned from our natural products and unusual materials.

Our fleet of vehicles, for delivery and installation, enable us to act quickly. Together with our courier and pallet partners, we can usually deliver on a next day basis. Sometimes even Same Day when the need arises.                Or try our truly unique - 'Delorean-Delivery'. On payment, you are Guaranteed all of your products, on your premises, by Midnight Yesterday!  (This service presently costs one and a half million pounds, and rising)

Phones and email are manned by experienced, helpful, creative staff who know our products well. They will do their best to find the right products for you, and get them to you in a timely fashion.

About Us 2.jpg
About Us 2.jpg

Some Of Our Recent Projects -

The projects we get involved with are wide ranging and diverse. A blend of historical craftmanship, natural materials, and a creative eye is the synergy which binds them together. To give you a flavour, here is a snapshot of the projects we have been involved with over the last 12 months:

  • Crafting hazel hurdle sections for First World War trenches- for two feature films, one winning' Best Production Design' Oscar.
  • Refurbishing thatched gazebos looking out to sea at both Brixham and across the Thames.
  • Turning Spring to Winter- Dressing dried flower stalks for a covering of faux snow. Conjuring mid-winter without damaging the live spring flowers beneath- for a Dickensian BBC Drama
  • Thatching many medieval round houses to be burned on the shores of a lake- Netflix Series
  • Building and re-purposing several horse carts - for a number of productions.
  • Building bespoke thatched sunshades and parasols for a prestigious car launch in Dubai.
  • Thatching a ruined settlement on the side of an Irish mountain- HBO series.
  • Re thatching an African themed adventure playground (15 roofs) for one of the UK leading visitor attractions.
  • Thatching dining concessions for a full-sized recreation of the Globe theatre. 
  • Creating and installing full size blossom trees for a restaurant nestled in a restored cotton mill.

  • Thatching an original Voysey Arts & Crafts summer house, to look old and timeworn - for a period Feature film

  • Suspending a full-size Oak tree into a retail space without using invasive fittings. 

  • Creating a sea of flowers inside one of London's most iconic venues, for one night only!

  • Cedar shingle roofs for a fantasy village - Feature film

  • Installing a living, 'laid hedge' for one of Britain's best loved children's characters- Tv

  • Renting props to one of Saville Rows leading gentleman's Taylors for a for a James Bond themed Christmas window. 

  • Creating a falling snow Santa grotto for a children's charity.

  • Shipping all manner of natural materials around the UK and further afield, including two containers to New Zealand and one to Geneva. 

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