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How Do I Use Thatch Tiles?

How Do I Use Thatch Tiles?

Thatch tiles come in lots of different shapes to cover your roof. They also come in a variety of styles.

Brandon Thatchers Guide Diagrams

Different Types Of Tile

A standard tile

Standard Tile
These make up the majority of the thatched surface.
Dimensions: 32″ x 18 ” x 1″ (800 mm x 450 mm x 25 mm)

A heavy tile

Top Cone Base Tile
These are used at the top of a conical roof on the layer below the top cone. As the diameter of the courses gets tighter, the tiles must fan out further. These tiles are designed to fan out, and maintain thickness.
Dimensions: 32″ x 18 ” x 1″ (800 mm x 450 mm x 25 mm)

A corner tile

Corner Tiles
Use these to cover hips or corners in your structure.
Dimensions: 16″ x 18 ” x 1″ (400 mm x 450 mm x 25 mm)

A Ridge tile

Ridge Tiles
Like a conventional ridge tile these join both sides of the roof at the top.
Dimensions: 32″ x 18 ” x 2″ (812mm x 457 mm x 50mm)

An End Cone tile

End Cone
These are used on the end of the ridge of a lozenge shaped roof structure.
Dimensions: 32″ x 18 ” x 2″ (812mm x 457 mm x 50mm)

A 1.2 meter Ridge End Moulding

Top Cone
These are used to finish the top of any cone shaped roof structure.
Diameter 850mm

A 2 meter Ridge End Moulding

Ridge End Moulding 1.2 m long
You can use our hard-wearing moulded ridge system instead of, or on top of ridge tiles. This moulding sits at either end of the ridge, 47” (1200 mm) long

An End Cone tile

Ridge Centre Moulding 2m long
If you are using our hard-wearing moulded ridge system on a long roof, or a two-sided building, this is a 78” (2000 mm) section.

Apply tiles in layers from the bottom of the roof in 30 cm (12″) steps working upwards.

The bottom layer or ‘eve’ of the thatch is made up of standard ‘Thatch Tiles’. Each layer going up the roof is also made up of Standard ‘Thatch Tiles’ until you reach the top layer. The exception to this is the ‘Smooth Natural Tile’. With this option the eve layer is made up of ‘Cape Reed Thatch Tiles’ for thickness. Each layer up the roof is then ‘Smooth Natural Thatch Tiles’ which should give a smooth finish with no steps.

For the top layer use 2 /3 ‘Top Cone Base Tiles’. These are designed to fan out whilst retaining a defined bottom edge, they are no thicker than the standard tiles and will look no different. At the peak or ridge of the thatch is the Top Cone, or Ridge Tile and End Cap, dependent on the shape of your roof.

If your roof is square, or has very pronounced hips, you will need Corner Tiles to fit around the 90-degree corners. When calculating your needs, these take the place of 1/3 of a tile from your overall square meterage.

Allow approximately 3.5 tiles per m square (10′ square).

If you would like us to work out how many you need, simply fill in this form and we can estimate it for you. Please measure your roof as accurately as possible and email us a photo with your name and address so that we can link the picture to your quote.

Remember to measure the thatch, not the roof structure- when you measure the diameter, it should be from the bottom of the thatch on one side, to the bottom of the thatch on the other side.