Easy to apply, versatile and hard wearing Synthetic Palm Thatch Tile with 20 year guarantee!

Ideal for DIY thatching Garden Structures, Tiki bars, Gazebo’s, Summer houses, Lappas, Breeze Homes, Beach Cabanas or your Man Cave! Also ideal for commercial applications like Theme Parks, Poolside etc due to its long life and washable surface.

A flexible strip along the top is securely bonded to the hard wearing tile allowing it to flex around corners and accommodate almost any shaped roof.

Screw directly through the top of the tile into your frame.

Tiles cut easily and butt together for an almost completely water tight seal.

Apply in layers from the bottom of the roof in 30cm (12″) steps up the roof.

For weather proofing and lifespan your roof pitch should be at least 30 degrees pitch.

Allow approx. 3.5 tiles per m square (10′ square).

Standard Synthetic Palm Thatch Tile-

Dimensions: 32″ x 24″ x 1″ (800mm x 600mm x 25mm)

Synthetic Palm Leaf  Thatch Top Cone –

Dimensions: 33″ (850 mm) Diameter