Until the combine harvester came along most crops would have been cut with a scythe, then tied loosely and stood upright for the wind to blow through and dry. Once dried it would be stacked, then the stack thatched to keep the rain out.

These are genuine vintage frames and have a beautiful patina to the wood. Available for hire in large numbers.

These Stook frames simply unfold into a frame where the harvest can be hung and dried from in the traditional way. Simply spread out and scatter loose straw in between for an instantly dressed harvest scene or use undressed for adramatic skyline or vista.

Height:  Approx-   6′ (1.8 m)

Rental items are charged using the usual film industry standard formula.


Replacement value £120 per item.


Price is plus delivery & return via pallet with the option to collect/ return.

Please contact us with your rental requirements.


0345 2600899