Genuine Horse/Hog hair (Ethically sourced)

This mix of genuine Horse and Hog hair is supplied in 1kg bags. Perfect for traditonal packing materials like protecting valuables when shipping, it was also traditionally used to stuff soft furnishings and soft toys. Makes a very textured and visual magical ingredient when displayed in glass jars. It can also be used to dress farm sets and fencing where cattle would have rubbed against them. It is a mixture of colours using dark browns and blacks with flecks of silver/white.

Sold per 1kg bag – due to the nature of this product it is often sourced to order, and there may be a short lead time on this.

Ethical Statment: We take great care in ensuring that all of our animal products are purchased from reputable suppliers who can demonstrate dilligence within their own supply chain. We provide an offical statement from our suppliers upon request which details their own processes used to ensure this is sourced cruelty free.