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Washington Palm - Dried leaf, natural floral deco

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Product Details

Washingtonia Robusta, or the 'Skyduster Palm', is a fast-growing palm from the USA with a thick reddish brown trunk topped by large palmate dark green leaves. A common sight in the Mediterranean where it is planted widely along pavements and promenades to dramatic effect. The fruit is edible, and was used by Native American people as a minor food source. They are also eaten by birds, which disperse the seeds in their droppings after digesting the fruit pulp.

Our leaves & traditional plants are dried then carefully stored. If you are looking for an unusual thatch or tropical shade, these can be woven into other thatching materials or just layered up along roof edges.  Great in stuctural dispalys for florists or in the home. They can also be used to dress market stalls or for 'Witch Doctors', Offerings & Talisman as well as the dark medicines and otherworldly fauna. Casting a spell needs various ingredients so we have plenty of items which will look perfect together with these as they are, or prepared, chopped & deflowered ready for the pot.

They are available in large quantities to be used as shelter, piled up in baskets as if just trimmed from palm trees, on stalls or over tables for the local market or magician's alley. Can be used to modify other plants/reed for Fantasy or Sci-Fi landscapes.

Sold per stem. Dimensions: 60 - 80 mm leaf span, with a total length of 100 - 120 cm (stem is approx 60 cm).