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Foliose Lichen, in 500 g bag, natural, dried floral deco

Tree Moss (Lichen) ... Read More

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Product Details

Tree Moss, lichen, reindeer moss. Reindeer lichen is a key component in a wild reindeer's diet. Lichen is packed with nutrition and vitamins necessary for reindeer to survive in the wild.

Great for interesting shape and textures- use to age structures, put them in Vases/Baskets or hanging for Market Stalls, Apothecary Shop, Victorian Botanical Collectors, Spell Ingredients. On strings for Witch Doctors Jewellery, Offerings & Talisman.

They are available in large quantities and work well woven into our range of natural twines and yarns or modify other plants/reed for Fantasy or Sci-Fi landscapes.

Stick well with a hot glue gun.

Sold per 500g bag

Also available in our Moss Variety Box