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Fragmallow Stem - approx. 120 cm Long by 20 - 25 cm wide. Natural Dried Deco

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Product Details

Fragmallow stems are common reeds that are the primary source of thatch for traditional thatch housing in Europe and beyond. Fluffy heads look great in a floral arrangement, wedding or table dressing. Similar to pampas grass. 

They get their name as their history on our planet is so deeply connected to food and fluff. The entire plant of this soft & feathery reed (Phragmites australis) is edible raw, or cooked. The young stems were usually boiled, or later on were used to make flour. The underground stems can be used but are tough, as can the seeds but they are hard to find. The young shoots can be consumed raw or cooked. The hardened sap from damaged stems was eaten fresh or toasted. The seeds would be crushed, mixed with berries and water, and cooked to make a gruel. The roots can be prepared similar to those of cattails & the stems can be dried, ground, sifted, hydrated, and toasted like marshmallows - hence its name.

PLEASE NOTE Our Fragmallow Stems are a purely decorative product, and not for human consumption. 

They are available in large quantities to be hanging from herb racks in the kitchen, piled up in baskets as if just collected from the woods, on stalls or over tables for the local market or magician's alley.

Fragmallow, approx 120 - 130 cm long by 20 - 25 cm wide
Stem length, approx 90 cm. Bundle of 3 stems.