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Date Leaves x 3 approx. 90 cm long by 10 cm wide. Natural Dried Floral Deco

£3.00 (£2.50 + VAT)
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Product Details

Dried natural date palm leaves.  Dress the roof of your beach bar or tiki hut for authentic venacular thatch.

Great for interesting shape and textures evocative of Africa and India - put them in Vases/Baskets or hanging for Market Stalls, Apothecary Shop, Victorian Botanical Collectors, Spell Ingredients. On strings for Witch Doctors' Jewellery, Offerings & Talisman.

They are available in large quantities and work well woven into our range of natural twines and yarns or modify other plants/reed for Fantasy or
Sci-Fi landscapes.

Stick well with a hot glue gun.

Sold per 3 stems, each approx. 90 cm long by 10 cm spread