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Wisteria Stem Purple, 107cm long artificial flowers and bloom

High quality, realistic artificial blossoms with leaves on pliable wire stem. Read More

£8.94 (£7.45 + VAT)
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Product Details

This product evokes feelings of fantasy and an elegant landscape. Perfect for set dressing, as wedding/party decor or simply as an interesting addition to a floral display in the home.

Wisteria is historically known to symbolise long-life and imortality. In Japanese Kabuki theater, it's seen to symbolise love, sensuality, support, sensitivity bliss and tenderness. It's also said to signify the expanding consciousness.

It's colour being purple, is commonly associated with: Royalty, nobility, luxury, welth, power and ambition. As well as these meanings purple is also attributed to: Creativity, wisdom, dignity, pride, mystery and magic. If you're looking to invoke these ideas and more in a dispaly or a scene, this wild flower would be a quintessential addition.

Sold per stem with discount for box quantity. (12 per box)

Size per stem 102cm.

We supply a wide range of artificial and dried flowers/foliage that would compliment and contrast with this product. Additionally, they could be incorporated into living foliage to add long lasting flowers with vibrant purple hues.