These are hand carved in Africa under an ethically sourced program and thus every one is slightly unique.

Fuelled by a desire to help families support themselves our supplier began importing these masks to the UK, with the primary aim of connecting individual artisans in Africa directly to western buyers.

Over the years we have been able to develop a network of suppliers and workshops focused on quality and design. By subtly combining western style, natural materials and traditional craftsmanship, we have created a collection which celebrates the diversity and colourful vitality of the beautiful world. Ethical sourcing is a way of life, not just a business transaction.

Our supplier works with individual families to ensure they have a safe working environment as well as a fair wage.

Eggshell Mask 30cm – £10.99 (1)

Eggshell Mask 100cm – £26.99 (2)

Gazelle Mask 30cm – £10.99 (3)

Gazelle Mask 50cm – £18.99 (4)

Carved Zebra Mask 50cm – £16.99 (5)

Zebra Mask 50cm – £16.99 (6)

Zebra Mask 80cm – £25.99 (7)

Zig Zag Mask 50cm – £16.99 (8)

Giraffe Mask 80cm – £25.99 (9)