High quality, dried flower/leaf.

Sold as a bunch (15cm circumference where tied)

For arrangements, theming, and display.

Each stem is approximately 25cm in length.

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Sold per bunch.

Perfect for dressing markets, apothecary, magic, witchcraft and medieval scenes.

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St John’s Wort, also known as “Spathohorto” in northern Greece and “Valsamo” in the south, is one of nature’s most significant therapeutic flowers. It has taken its name from St John’s Day; 24th June, as this is the day when traditionally its flowers are picked. It makes a mild flavour reddish infusion, which can often be a tiny bit bitter, although not unpleasant, that is thought to help with relaxation, insomnia and depression. It is the perfect tea to help improve your mood and take the edge off, as well as ease symptoms of colds and flu. It has been associated with magic and sorcery for centuries due to its medicinal properties.

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