High quality, dried flower.

Sold as a bunch (15cm circumference where tied).

For arrangements, theming, and display.

Available in various colours.

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Sold per bunch.

Perfect for dressing markets, apothecary, magic, witchcraft and medieval scenes.

We supply a wide range of artificial and dried flowers perfect for weddings, displays, parties, deco flora, events and exhibitions. Please browse our website for further inspiration or take a look at our suggested products below.

Larkspur a Delphinium comes in various colours and has been cultivated for its bright colours for centuries. The young plants are extremely poisonous, especially the seeds. Cattle grazing on the plants have been know to die from ingesting the young fresh plants. Because of this the flowers have been associated with magical properties over the years. However, today they are a staple in interior design and flower arranging.

Put them in Vases/Baskets or hanging for Natural Bunting, Market Stalls, Apothecary’s Shop, Victorian Botanical Collectors, Spell Ingredients. On strings or clothing for a Corsage, Offerings or Talisman. Look great peeping out of a bicycle basket or part of a flower stall.

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