Iron Grass is a gnarly wooden stumped shrub or small bush which twists and turns as it grows. The stumps have the appearance of miniature great African trees of the Savannah, with the twisted stumps going to dried hard twig like branches and leaves. The top of the grass is a very pale green/grey flecked against the darker wood of the branches.

It blends in well against woods, soils and grasses as it has an almost chameleon like quality to it, which makes it perfect for set dressing, adding texture and height without too much colour. Can be sprayed to add a different dimension of shade if needed.

Would work well with gnarly tree stumps and rustic woods, to dress forest scenes or as moss-like filler. It’s strange ‘one-off’ shapes give it the appearance of coming from alien worlds but is equally at home in African bush scenes or as an ingredient in magical academies.

Each piece is over 30cm x 50cm with a depth of about 20cm