Authentic Bamboo cloche in three sizes.

Rustic, attractive and sustainable

Traditionally used to protect plants from cold winds and light frosts and deter birds, rabbits and other garden pests by market gardeners.

These attractive bamboo cloches look great in your garden but also serve well for street and market dressing scenes . Traditionally used for gardening, farmers would pop them over plants to help during cold winds and light frosts, or line them with fleece or straw in heavier frosts. Great for deterring birds, rabbits and other garden pests. In market scenes these can be used to great effect in covering birds for sale or other small animals. They could also be used to make lanterns or light coverings.

Ideal for oriental market places or gardens, and make great traditional crafts for otherworldly locations.


SMALL 400mm high x 300mm diameter

MEDIUM 500mm high x 400mm diameter

LARGE 600mm high x 500mm diameter