Looking for inspiration and ideas? Look no further. Here are some ways to use our products you may not have thought about.
One of our clients wanted to create their own tropical bar from an old garden pergola and we think you’ll agree, this humble shed has been transformed into a stunning space to entertain.

As you can see our client set about transforming his pergola by creating walls and a roof. Using lots of our products, we worked closely with this particular client over almost a year to make recommendations, offer advice and suggest using things perhaps they hadn’t thought about. Mixing bamboo poles, cape reed tiles and bamboo matting to work around awkward shapes and sizes, we think this could be the ultimate Tiki bar!

Here’s what our customer had to say: ‘The roof went much better than I thought to be honest, corners were difficult as you had advised honestly. The bamboo did a perfect job to hide all the edges, I still need to sort the bottom where the bamboo finishes. The top cone I feel was perfect, it completes the top better than I thought. All the materials supplied by yourselves were top quality so hats off to your QA/QC dept. Your team are more than welcome to come round and sample the drinks bar!’

We suggested using a combination of your Grated Thatch Tiles, Bamboo poles, Bamboo matting and various ropes and then decorating with Tiki masks, Nets and a Parrot or two! Click below to place your order now!