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Floral Deco Supply & Instillations

Floral Deco & Instillations

Large scale flower features, walls, arches or porticos are a great attention grabber. They are equally at home indoors or outside. They can made a huge impact, often requiring no floor space. A lot of our design house and floral deco clients simply purchase the flowers from our large stocks. 

We stay up to date with trends as a regular visitors/ exhibitors at Europe's premiere floral deco event in Frankfurt & Paris.

We blend natural architectural elements, like mature oak trees or wisteria vines, artistically dressed in artificial blossom and foliage to achieve stunningly realistic results. Alternatively, glamourous metallic foliage and lighting for striking results. Dried Grasses and oversized leaves in pastel colours combine for highly textured centre pieces. We can even add a subtle scent to really overwhelm the senses.


Overwhelm the senses with colour, texture, light and even scent…

Our in house instillation team usually get involved with large projects where an architectural elements are involved. Our creatives have made huge baskets for flower canopy's over bars, built brick arches and suspended mature trees.

Other Case Studies


Thatched Film and TV Sets

Thatched architecture provides a portal into history and tradition for the viewer. Shaggy, handmade  thatch tells of Iron age round houses, hovels or Viking long houses. Shapely smooth curves, tightly clipped gables, and smart ridges are merchant’s houses or an imperial temple. Thatch offers action prompts too - As the battle rages, thatch burns really, really well !  We have helped many film and TV production weave stories with thatch.

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Thatching For Pop-Up Events

Shakespeare's Rose Theatre productions were creating two incredible pop-up, full size replica Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. One in the shadow of Clifford's Tower, in York, and another in the gardens of Blenheim Palace. Thatch was vital to lend an air of medieval authenticity to their concessions village.

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Props, Bespoke Make, and Rented

Weaving, Thatching, Carpentry, Metal Work, Platting and Splicing. We hold a huge stock of natural materials and our craftsmen (& women) turn them into props.

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Thatching for Theme Parks and Attractions

Ensuring your visitor attraction is still attractive. Fenland Leisure - the play professionals, were renovating a slightly tired play area at one of the UK's leading visitor attractions.

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