These beautifully hand-crafted and carved wooden Tiki masks are  created in Indonesia, and all are slightly original due to their handmade nature. Each piece is unique in it’s symbolism as is the traditional way.

Tiki masks are hand-carved wooden masks that, in their original intent, were used to stand in for deities, protect their users from evil spirits or even increase the mask wearers’ fertility and luck. They served many purposes, both in the privacy of people’s homes and in everyday life. Traditional polynesian tiki’s all have different meanings in their faces. If the eyes are looking up the tiki will offer protection. The eyes looking down brings good luck. The mouth of the tiki can be smiling to show happiness or open to bring peace. If the tongue is sticking out that is the sign of a warrior.

Tiki Mask 40cm – £12 (number 7)

Tiki Mask 50cm – £16 (numbers 1-6)

Tiki Mask 100cm – £29 (numbers 8-12)

Sold Individually – Slight variations from images may be seen as these are hand crafted.