Palm Leaf Thatch sheet made from palm leaf fronds.

These are woven together to make a light weight panel/sheet.

Can easily be moved and lifted. Wire or screw on.

Excellent rustic effect. Can be layered and overlapped for larger structures.

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Human use of palms is as old as, or even older than, civilization itself, starting with the growing of date palms by Mesopotamians and other Middle Eastern peoples 5000 years or more ago. The Date Palm had a great effect on the history of the Middle East. Historian W.H. Barreveld wrote:

“Had the date palm not existed, the expansion of the human race into the hot and barren parts of the “old” world would have been much more restricted. The date palm not only provided a concentrated energy food, which could be easily stored and carried along on long journeys across the deserts, it also created a more amenable habitat for the people to live in by providing shade and protection from the desert winds. In addition, the date palm also yielded a variety of products for use in agricultural production and for domestic utensils, and practically all parts of the palm had a useful purpose”.

The early importance of palms in the Middle East is shown in scripture. They are mentioned more than 30 times in the Bible, and more than 22 times in the Qur’an.


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