Hay Ricks were used to store and dry cereal crops, like wheat and rye, once they had been cut.

Materials were cut with a scythe, and later a horse or tractor drawn binder. The small bundles of material were then stood up into stooks to dry before being stacked in ricks. The ricks were rough thatched to keep the rain out.

Our Ricks are hollow wooden frames thatched with straw. They are light enough to be manually manovered into place by a few prop men and moved to camera.

Approx size 9′ tall, 6′ 6″ diameter

Other sized and shapes available to order.

Rental items are charged using the usual film industry standard formula.


Replacement value £1500 per item.


Price is plus delivery & return via pallet with the option to collect/ return.


Please contact us with your rental requirements.


0345 2600899