Easy to use grass thatch roll for bars, beach huts, umbrella’s and skirts! Just staple, screw, zip tie or tape it onto any surface for a tropical thatch look.

Roll is 5m long by approx. 75cm tall.

The Palm roll comes in its natural, untreated state and is easily set alight. You may want to treat with fire retardant especially if using indoors, in a public place or close to a fire pit or BBQ. This is available from the drop down menu below.

We recommend that you dip rather than spray this item for better results. We can carry out this treatment for you. The roll would be fully immersed in our outdoor, water resistant fire retardant. The appropriate fire certificate will be supplied with the material.

We supply both the rolls and the top cones.

This product is designed for shade and fun and thus does not offer a permanent waterproof roof covering.


Thatch roll untreated £45

Thatch roll dipped in fire retardant £65

Top Cone untreated £45

Top Cone dipped in fire retardant £65