Back in the day when we were frightened of the millennium bug and Cherie Blair the Spice Girls & Madonna were all driving Mini’s.

An early naughties Mini Cooper SD with a union Jack on everything and ideal for the young, upwardly mobile, city slicker. When London was cool before we all went Brexit balmy.

Car has 4 cabin seats upholstered in  black leather with grey piping. A top of the range modle with a sporty rear spoiler and central exhaust.

The vehicle is kept in excellent running order, safe and legal for road use. It can be delivered by road without the need to be transported.

Rental items are charged using the usual film industry standard formula.

Replacement value £7,000.

Price is plus delivery & return via pallet with the option to collect/ return.

Please contact us with your rental requirements.
0345 2600899